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Welcome To UPM

Universal Property Management is a full service property management firm located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We work with real estate investors who are interested in outsourcing the landlord portion of their responsibilities as rental owners. So what exactly does UPM do?


UPM makes sure that your property stays rented, and at market value. From posting on Craigslist, to the MLS, to other major listing sites, our leasing team makes sure your property gets the most visibility. This allows your property to get the most amount of applications. Additionally, the leasing team provides a rental analysis for your property, so you know exactly how much your property should rent for based on comparable properties.

Moreover, UPM takes all of the applications, and screens each one to ensure you are getting the best possible tenant. Why is this important? A properly screened tenant is less likely to break lease and deal with an eviction. The screening process includes credit history, a background check, and employment verification, among other things. All of this is done to ensure your property gets leased to the best tenant, in the shortest amount of time.

Management and Maintenance

UPM's management expertise means that you no longer have to worry about what's going on with your property. The management agreement includes inspections, so you have eyes on your property at least once a month. In terms of accounting all your I's are dotted and T's crossed to make the end of the year tax returns smoother. If your tenant stops paying, UPM knows each and every step of the eviction process, and will see that everything gets taken care of.

When maintenance needs to be done on your property, UPM has a variety of vendors who are experienced in their trade. The management team will make sure your repairs get done in a timely manner, and that it's done the right way. Additionally, unlike some management companies, UPM doesn't up-charge for maintenance, so you don't pay extra.

Property Management You Can Trust

All of these reasons and more make UPM's management services perfect for your investment. Contact us today for a consultation, and see just what property management is supposed to be like.

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